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Escape Obliterizer DX
is a port of the original game to the Game Boy Color.  In this game you play as Del, a green square who must avoid getting obliterized by incoming hazards. The objective is to survive as long as you can!  

Install instructions

To play this game you'll need a Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance emulator on your machine. I recommend using either BGB or Visual Boy Advance. You can also play it on real hardware (Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance) by flashing it onto a flash cart. Learn how on the project's Github page. If you're playing on a device with a backlit screen (eg. GBA SP101) download the regular version. Otherwise, download the non-backlit version (recommended for anyone playing on classic Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color).


escape_obliterizer.gb 32 kB
escape_obliterizer-non-backlit.gb 32 kB

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